Invest in yourself, make an appointment at Van Lennep Kliniek

Van Lennep Kliniek is your trusted partner for permanent make-up in The Hague. Women, and sometimes men as well, choose permanent make-up for various reasons. Among the most common ones are uneven eyebrows or thin eyebrows.

At some point you may get fed up with having to fill in your eyebrows each and every morning. In that case, a very logical step is a visit to Van Lennep Kliniek. The clinic works with modern, extensively tested equipment. Its employees have the proper qualifications. All regulations with regard to safety and hygiene are strictly followed.

Clients who have chosen to have permanent make-up applied, are extremely satisfied. It not only improves the appearance of the eyebrows themselves, but of the entire face. Your GP can prescribe an anaesthetic cream that you apply 30 minutes before the treatment.

After the cream has done its work for half an hour, the treatment can begin. Pigmentation liquid is applied with a small, thin needle. In its entirety, the treatment takes no more than two hours. Six weeks later you can come back for a second treatment. After that, you’ll be amazed by the results!

Connective tissue massage

A treatment that also works particularly well is connective tissue massage. This is also called Natural Facelifting. The specific massage technique ensures that your skin rejuvenates; your face is given a ‘lift’, so to speak. You’ll receive compliments for looking vital, rested and radiant! Connective tissue massage is a true massage treatment, no needles are involved.

If you want more information about this type of massage and/or permanent make-up, please contact the Van Lennep Kliniek customer service. The telephone number is: 070-737 00 88. If you prefer to send an email, you can use the following address: info @ vanlennep. nl. There’s also the possibility to immediately make an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you at Van Lennep Kliniek!